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About Us

Our all new exclusive bespoke service

My name is Stephanie Carroll and I am the creator of Caskets by Design, where we provide personalised and bespoke coffins for loved ones.My business began originally with crafting home furniture, creating unique artisan pieces by up-cycling damaged or worn items. I am passionate about sustainability, turning old into new, whilst preserving the functionality.I come from an artistic bloodline: my Dad was an artist, my sister specialises in cosmetic tattooing, which involves working with breast cancer survivors, my brother has a gaming channel and another of my brothers is an architect.

Growing up paint brushes were never far away from my hand thanks to my Mam whom loved to decorate the house often . My interest in creating custom caskets was piqued after a conversation with my step father, who had a fabulous imagination for inventing and previously appeared on Dragon’s Den Ireland.We had a conversation over a cup of tea, and I mentioned an idea I had about creating coffins unique to the person who had passed away. This was before Google, and I had never seen anything beyond a traditional coffin. I remember the words out of my mouth “imagine your father liked golf and you could show that on his coffin , or someone could have a football logo to show their passion for the club they’ve supported their whole lives.’. Initially this was all just a fleeting idea and a pipe dream (and a cup of tea).

I continued painting, and my passion for up-cycling furniture grew immensely. I up-skilled, learning new techniques and stayed focused on my own ideas and vision- I always relished the excitement of planning what I could do next to a piece of furniture.

A special message from our founder

I feel there is an opening there for bespoke caskets for loved ones. I have put all the skills I have learnt over the past decade into creating beautiful, personalised caskets. What I create is not mass produced or factory made, it is not a digital wrap- it is all handmade and designed,  with a custom exterior and interior. This leaves huge scope for putting love and attention into every detail, including pillows and blankets which I incorporate a broad range of different colours as well as a different style inside to the traditional white satin we are accustomed  to seeing. I wanted to cater for all in a caring, sensitive way that would bring some sort of comfort to loved ones and family from a visual perspective. I create coffins for all loved ones, including pets- there seems to be a huge gap in the market for those who want a truly personal and unique touch . I also intend work with families to create a design representative of the life of the individual.  There will always be a demand for a traditional wooden coffin, but with my crafted caskets I am offering those who wish to give the gift of a last goodbye the opportunity to do so creatively through art.

Stephanie Carroll

Managing director